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The following are malicious net harrasers who even mock and threaten my old parents!  I can never forgive them unless justice is brought to them.

@scg_asami, @Joseph_Yoiko, @ewa4618, @yoshiyuki5116

@ewa4618 is telling Mari Takenouchi, "Committe a suicide!": 「両親まで巻き込んだらただではおかない」じゃ今すぐ自殺しろwww 巻き込んでるのお前だwww

内田ヨシユキ@H堂広報室室長 @yoshiyuki_5116  ·  48分前
内田ヨシユキ@H堂広報室室長@yoshiyuki_5116 3 時間前

\\人工膀胱と人工肛門がついてる// また修飾語が増えますね。

内田ヨシユキ@H堂広報室室長@yoshiyuki_5116 3 時間前 すでに離職してるし、最後は生保だろうね。窓口で「福島のために何百万使ったと思ってんの!?」と恫喝する絵が見えます。                            

This person who revealed my apartment (criminal act which police has never investigated) is now making fool of Dr. Bandazhevsky, the top internal radiation expert, who has sent me a kind mail.
冷泉明彦(NO抜け) @JosephYoiko  ·  3時間前
は(逆張り指標の意味で)国際的な福島瑞穂(竹野内注:私はベトナム原発輸出を容認した福島元大臣とは全く違います。)になっているんじゃないの?www バンダジェフスキー否定の材料として「デマリンに好意的な手紙書くような変わり者だからあのおっさん話にならんでしょ」としか見なせない。



Some time ago, I asked whether a bunch of net harassers had some connection with DENTSU, Japan's biggest advertising agency, but the answer was negative, saying that investigation on harassing twitter accounts will be impossible.


However, even if DENTSU had some connection, the DENTSU PR person could not possibly admit that the net harassers are working for their company....

Meanwhile, I found the following whistle blower's blog page.





Under the command of DENTSU and HAKUHODO, there seem to be people working for manipulating information prevailed in Japan at hourly payment of 2000~4000 yen (20~40 US dollars) per hour.

They should know how shameful they are.


The following are the partial citation of blogger called "wanton".


Some people talk about, "Net supporters for Liberal Democratic Party (LDP=ruling party in Japan which was funded by CIA after the World War II http://fukushimaworkerslist.blogspot.jp/2013/05/cia.html)"

But as a matter of fact, there is no such kind of things.


To tell the truth, I used to belog to the Japanese advertising agency conducting manipulation of internet information, under the contract of professional confidentiality.


I feel quite ashamed but let me confess.


There are commanding sections of Japanese giant advertising agencies, which are DENTSU and HAKUHODO (formerly McCANN ERICSON HAKUHODO) for internet information manipulation command center.  (In case of DENTSU, it was called ***Renrakubu= Liason Department)


In the Liason Department, there are staffs dispatched from board members of marketing agencies, research agencies, mass media, publishing companies, PA production companies. 

Under the Liason Department, there are various kinds of people from different occupations.

By these people, Public Acceptant Strategies are formulated under certain algorism and young end-workers are assigned as contract workers for each operational team in several offices in nationwide in Japan.

These operational teams are sorted as, "Deletion Team" , "Mix-up Team", "Hate Speech=Slanders Team", "Safety Myth Team" and "New Safety Myth Team."


They are not from ZAITOKU Kai or rightwingers or "Net supporters of Liberal Democratic Party."


Public Acceptance means, "inducement of public opinions."


In order to create "public opinion," they start with creating "Safty Myth" and carry on their fully prepared plans.

表向きは、「日本原子力文化振興財団」(原発関係の「世論対策マニュアル」を作った)や、文科省の「教育支援用情報提供」活動としての「原発の話し」などの副読本や、 経産省の「核燃料サイクル講演会」などが、「はは~ん、これだな!」と気づかされますが、実態はもっと学者やメディア関係者を動員した「謀略」と考えていただいていいです。

On the official side, we get to know that these are in the form of the manuals or text books of JAERO, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Economy, etc. 

As a matter of fact, these things are conspiration even involving scholars and media people.


"Repetition produces a great effect=100 times of the same lie would lead to truth," as a motto, they list up educated people and TV personalities who are favorable to nuclear power (who are damn) and recommend them as the front.


They even offer enormous amount of lecture fees to anti-nuclear leaders through so-called neutral stance symposium and they alter anti-nuclear leaders as "practical nuclear promotor under the disguise of anti-nuclear person."

ごめんなさい! わたしは、そんな中枢部分の中に一時いたことがあります。

I am sorry, but let me confess that I used to be in such commanding department for some time.


Even now, end-workers are tied with their personal computers working as "Deletion Team" "Mix-Up Team" etc for hourly wages of 20~40 US dollars which is higher compared to simple work wages.

This makes my heart ache...


You can tell their work since they work from Monday to Friday most of the time.


There are some who are under individual contract and many of them work on weekends.




The person who wrote this page does not have to apologize.


I believe this person regrets his deeds so he broke his confidentiality of their contract.


Young end-workers (of Japanese gigantic advertising agencies) sold their soul only for 20~40 US dollars per hour.


What a cheap soul!

End of citation



Now net harassers are spreading groundless slanders against Mr. Onaga, Okinawa governor election candidate who is opposing to US base in Henoko.



Some harassers even manipulated other candidates' election posters so that only Mr. Onaga could be the bad guy!  What a dirty strategy!


There are many net harassers against anti-nuclear/radiation exposure movement and here is some example against Mari Takenouchi.

(Rather long, so please take a look when you have time...)






Various Harassment and Threats against Mari Takenouchi 

竹野内に関しては、2012年の夏、エートスに反対の意見をツイッター上で拡散し始めた直後、近所で不審者が現れ、当時2歳の息子にまで手を出され, 警察に通報をしました。http://www.asyura2.com/12/genpatu26/msg/301.html 

In the summer of 2012, when Takenouchi started to raise her voice against Fukushima ETHOS on twitter, a suspicious man appeared in her neighborhood and picked up Takenouchi's then 2 year old boy.  I reported this incident to the local police.


Coincidently, there have been countless number of people who sent me threatening tweets, such as, "Takenouchi is only sending out defamation," "Her personality is twisted," and among others, there were some scary ones, too such as"I will kill you old lady," "Die" "Watch out for a fire," etc.


As for this problem, I started consulting the local police but they say it will take time to identify anonymous ones, I would like to ask all the related Ministries/Agencies whether there are anybody like Mr. Mizuno in the Reconstruction Agency, who used to send slandering tweets to anti-nuclear citizens.

刑事告訴を受けている竹野内に対し、「子供と引き離されるぞ」と何度も脅してくる@scg_asami のような人物や、味方のふりをして真夜中に電話をかけてきて「あなたの可愛い盛りの息子さんは私が預かります」と真夜中に電話をかけてきた@irakusaのような女性も現れました。

After the criminal accusation, there were some unbelievable malicious slanders such as @scq_asami who repeatedly told me on twitter, "Your child will be taken away to special institute where he would be better off away from you."  Another twitter @irakusa even called Takenouchi in the middle of night pretending as a friend, repeatedly saying, "I can take care of your cute 4 year old boy at my place."


Furthermore, there are some people who say that they will resort to further legal accusation against Mari Takenouchi who has already been under a criminal accusation from ETHOS leader. As for these people, my mother wrote an open letter to these harasserers.


At present, I have been threatened by Ms. Nanaka Shimotani, the CEO of Rafco. Inc., who tweeted Takenouchi,
"Be prepared with an experienced lawyer in a civil case." "Why don't we call her (Takenouchi) a ball of flames as lawsuit target?" 

These threats are really frightening one for a single mother like me and I think there are possibilities of these people who actually file a lawsuit against me just like Ms. Ryoko Ando(her real name is Yoko Kamata). As for Ms. Shimotani, she started harassing me right after I raised my opponent voice against ETHOS in the summer of 2012, and also closely watched my tweets right after the criminal accusation.


Her company webpage is now invisible, but through search, there is a banner saying, "Hang in There North East Japan" and I suspected that she may be related to the reconstruction project considering her persistant harassment against me.


It is quite hard to think of a reason why a company CEO whose capital is 5 million yen (50,000 US dollars) has been repeating creepy tweets against me, and further declaring that she would resort to a civil case against me.


Her tweet toward Ms. Ryoko Ando, the ETHOS leader, to notify my tweet begging Ms. Ando to withdraw her accusation because of my possible incapability of taking care of my infant child.  She forwarded my tweet faster than anybody else. 


https://twitter.com/search?q=RafcoInc%20mariscontact&src=typd In April of 2014, she was calling for spam reporting my twitter account @mariscontact to be shut down on twitter under her account@rafcocc, and I also found that as early as 2012, she was also calling for spam report against my account for no particular reason. 





Likewise, I have a strong suspicion over Lawyer Yoshiro Yabe, who used to be a prosecutor. 

He has been harassing me after ETHOS criminal accusation, including threats, "Why don't we sue each other?" "The compensation amount for your slander against me would be enormous,"etc. 

After the criminal accusation, Mr. Yabe continuously harrassed me on twitter, http://twilog.org/motoken_tw/search?word=mariscontact&ao=a and I reported this to Kyoto Lawyers' Association where Mr. Yabe belongs to.

I also reported Lawyer Yabe's problem to Japan Federation of Bar Association along with other issues, but I was refused to reply.http://savekidsjapan.blogspot.jp/2014/03/japan-bar-association-refused-to-answer.html



Actually, I have asked Mr. Yabe a number of times, "Have you not received any reward from ETHOS or ETHOS related people?" If he hasn't he should have responded immediately saying, "No!  That's a rude question!" or whatever.

However, Lawyer Yabe had not responded for some days, and on one day, after I repeated the same question for 5 or 6 times, I disseminated that in English on my twitter, then Lawyer Yabe swiftly answered, "I haven't received any," and sent me an e-mail right away.  (Mr. Yabe also sent me e-mails in a panicked manner when I listed his photo on my blog, and this was his 2nd time. ) 


Lawyer Yabe seems to have some connections with ETHOS leader Ms. Ryoko Ando(her real name is Yoko Kamata).


Lawyer Yabe once defensed Ms. Ryoko Ando's word, "Why don't we stop this extreme logic, Is not life important?" under his twitter account @motoken_tw. He shifted the point of argument saying, "We cannot really protect lives through a limited vision (here a limited vision means consistently being worried with radiation exposure problem)"

Lawyer Yabe was conversing with Ms. Ryoko Ando on twitter in August 2012 regarding potato stew festival in East Japan.


In regard to Lawyer Yabe's deeds, I was truly shocked.  One time, Mr. Koichi Hosomi, a Kyoto resident who owns an ohagi (Japanese sweets) shop, tweeted, "Go to Okinawa to suck Takenouchi's nipples."

すると、匿名の@tsukiko0000 @tmycc @kafka69らが逆に「竹野内こそがセクハラ女」であると驚くべきデマを流しました。

Then amazingly, some anonymous twitter users such as @tsukiko0000, @tmcyy and @kafka69 etc have been attacking Takenouchi as "sexual harrasing woman" though I was under sexually abused on twitter.


In April 2014, I was surprised to see that @tsukiko0000 and @tmcyy have actually been communicating with Ms. Ryoko Ando @ryoko_ando, the accuser of the case.https://twitter.com/search?q=tmcyy%20ando_ryoko&src=typd 


Responding to this, I told them that I would report their deeds to the local police and ask them to identify @tsukiko0000. (I had announced that I would report to the local police for the continuous harassement on the internet)


Then, tsukiko0000 consulted Lawyer Yoshiro Yabe for preparing suing me in stead!  Right after that, lawyer Yabe asked me under sexual harrassement on twitter, "Would you please tell me your detailed address?"


I report the deeds of lawyer Yabe to Japan Federation of Bar Association and Kyoto Bar Association.  JFBA ignored my question and though Kyoto Bar Association sent a letter to lawyer Yabe, he did not mind at all saying, "The letter didn't include any guidance or order.  Bar association would never make any move for a telephone call of a person who calls herself Mari Takenouchi"

これらの人々は、あまりに嫌がらせの度合いが壮絶であったため、海外のNuclear Newsというサイトが、英文記事で掲載しております。


However, since the degree of their harrassement was so fierce, Nuclear News, a foreign internet site carried my story in English.http://nuclear-news.net/2014/04/14/lawyer-yabe-ms-shimoya-and-friends-target-mari-takenouchi-in-a-disgusting-campaign-of-hate-and-sexual-abuse-with-no-comment-from-the-ethos-child-killers/


Once again, is there any possibility that the former prosecutor and the incumbent lawyer Yoshiro Yabe is connected with ETHOS or government related people who supports ETHOS with some involvement with police and/or prosecutors' office.



Even my twitter seemed to be a target of attacks, such as decreasing number of followers in an unatural way and inability to find my own tweets through searching my own account @mariscontact, resulting in much fewer RTs, and frequent automatic log-out.

My English twitter account @SaveKidsJapan had been suspended for use by the attacks by internet obstructers the day before I went to the local police to report the their harrassement. (Several days later, @SaveKidsJapan went back to service.)


I have been harassed by these people beyond description, which has inflicting me tremendous stress.


On April 26th, a teacher at my 4 year old son's nursery school asked me, "It seems that your son has been under some sort of stress especially since this April.  Has there been anything different for him?"


Prior to the unjust criminal accusation, my son and I used to have a quiet happy life.  I think this is a mass mental harassement and abuse against a single mother and an infant.


This open questions directly related to me and my son's lives and also to humanitarian issue of children living in contaminated areas.

I would appreciate your sincere and earnest response.


Below are the twitter accounts which sent out malicious slanders against Mari Takenouchi @mariscontact

ewa4618 (白岩譲という報告あり), Promised_Land12 (本人報告、北村博昭), scg_asami (私の子供が引き離されると何度も脅迫),
sexxor_asset (刑事告訴後も私の侮辱まとめをたくさん作ってしつこい) miyakuro, take_judge (「生きているのも後悔するくらいにしてやる」と脅迫), Arima_Suki, khoryu, tsukiko0000(セクハラを受ける竹野内をセクハラ女であるとデマ流す), tmcyy(同左), lllpuplll (日本語と英語でしつこく嫌がらせ), kafuka69, vfk_ken, unkosoba, shigerikofuku                  SKC38,taka_x_taka,  b_schumannian, sexxor, gloriousbeater, tappatan, jun1sato, erezohya, koduck_psyduck, chico_love, Co_hey, maibaba311(私を裁判にかけたい人募集中と呼びかける自称福島からの避難ママ), honnosense (私の誹謗中傷ブログを長期にわたり掲載), sakanaya701, orca_sea_earth, teammaruyu2gou, cowcowboya (大阪在住の山田健二という報告あり), takemotojunichi, ryomax, lovelysadoka, sis_sis, neologcutter, akuby_Rat, maco2co, suchizoidman, keroa18, jigen_the3,  Photobra7(那覇在住の大木利明という報告。一番最初から陰湿な嫌がらせを続けていた), koitaro, moegikaoru, BBFukushima21, hy_cl, yo_mu, svol50, KAENDAIKO66, kawazu66, bananadaiquiri, higuma_saikyo, magadeth0907, GwanChan, iamdreamers, zungyo, Niji_zero, Friendboy42, akatsuki_no_mori, JosephYoiko, maco2ro, gullebi, terzoterzo, aukiglg, BudgieR, blue_bar, heart_of_tiger3, kakansaku, ama_shigeru, aoi_rakugaki, kylyn3, hoshi_hamburg, akitojk, Chlothilde, kanaria_kanaria, sakiryon, nyakonyako, ryoFC, tana_co,  maroonstar7001, matsukichi_, ritsudon, b_schumannian  george00, nails_intheroad,   uraent,  deisospiri,
piman2233, moetreehaihai, setsuko1234,     abosikunat, shigerikofuku, Dahlia874, soramyu1, nii_motoharu, junnttinne, ayum_kun2005, shigerikofuku, bluerose8714, mcnurunuru, koyuki1114, hourouyarou, bikitan6464, k_reichan, sin2953,
hyotto_koko, @Drif85 (everytime I block, he creates new account putting different              numbers),     erotima999       ,    omega_bridge         taka_x_taka                           worldwideweb01           ebizohgul fossilecosystem       Thekuhanety                             ‏@koyuki1114                  murphy_usa             Qooxorange      sabotenl, turunokameko,   HighColor9629   asukayuri nebaneba999   redsun8812   _rider                      kiri_7771     jig_yuki                michinoku_geq           nails_intheroad    worldwideweb01                    

@irakusa =上田眞実 (ネットで検索すると画像も出てくるフリーランスジャーナリスト。刑事告訴直後なんと、「子供を預かってあげる.4歳なんて可愛い盛り」と真夜中に電話してきた悪質な女性で、今も竹野内の悪口をツイートし続けている)       pond_style                  zazakakao               @_heathworld_   
kiri_7771            (私の動画を「見ずに低評価を入れるように」皆に号令をかけている)            pxp03200                  GENTHALf  JosephYoiko   (私の通った米国の大学と大学院の名前がデマであるという、「デマ」を拡散している。「低線量被曝が体に良いとする」ホルミシス信者でもある。)    jpcryptex  8taicyo                  ryu1so           ·aoi_rakugaki              kaachaaaaan                     F15MJ                   ayumu_kun2005                  JapanAnon                  amagiboushi(この方は昭和40年代生まれの博士(工学)だそうですが、私が嘘をついていると、私のフォロワーに日英で拡散している)
bananadaiquiri     shigerikofuku                  kubota_photo houjioka       jpcryptex                       kanaria_kanaria     kaira1496                  midorinosougen                  Xephyr2009                  basilsauce                  critical_hit_     phantomlovers                  steelbeck            ebizohgull                        BackToBlackYU                  Micheletto_D  _____zoe_____  奥谷(๑′ᴗ‵๑)晋介@sin2953            (cowcowboyaと一緒に私を跳び蹴りしてやるとネット上で言及)  Nii_Motoharu                 fish_pei     tri_man        
junnttinne    (さんざん陰湿なツイートを繰り返しながら警察に行くと言ったら、急に丁寧語)            M_T_higaisya         (竹野内真理被害者の会) @Москва@riri0312
svol50                  nking_m                  roostarz                  MM_URTRLIT                  heart_of_tiger3               
 坂本龍子@asadora41  8taicyo                  rt_luckdragon    Yosyan2      yosuyosur                  MOMAMOMA2010                 
(These are just part of it.  I have blocked nearly 3000 accounts in these 2 years. これはほんの一部です。この2年間で約3000のアカウントをブロックしてきました)@kontraebi                 


 筑前煮が好き@Tikuzennni77 1分
国家権力が貴様後時に力を使うわけないだろう!ただの馬鹿のために時間を割いて裁判してくれるのだから「ありがとうございます」と土下座してありがたく実刑にしてもらえ“: 馬鹿じゃないのか? : 警察検察官がいかに人が良くと・・・

5月19日:サイコパスさん。@NeuromAncer2608 10分

@ouiigogiu 9分
@.  is STUPID GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(՞ةڼ◔)<ヴォオオオヴォオオオオ@hnyunshu 15分
@.  is STUPID GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!


セクハラを受ける私を逆に「セクハラ女」とデマを流した人物→ゆう@tmcyy 22h
アカウント変えときますね( ´艸`)ムププRT : アカウントIDなんていくらでも変えられるのにバカダネー(*´∇`*) ←私を訴訟だるまと呼んでやろうと言い、刑事告訴下にある竹野内をさらなる裁判にかけてやると脅した下谷七香、ラフコ社長


I strongly believe that all the slanderers in the above should be identified soon or later, since they are indirectly cooperating those who try to conceal the emerging health impacts on innocent children even after 50 confirmed thyroid cancer kids and 39 suspected cases were found in Fukushima.

I think some day, the history will prove who are on the right side and who actually committed crimes.

tokaiama ←こちらの嫌がらせ者は少し変り種。子供たちの疎開は主張するのですが、死刑論者でありながら、もんじゅ西村事件の他殺は医療カルテの証拠もあるのに、民事裁判にしてしまった海渡雄一弁護士を擁護し、竹野内の人格攻撃を執拗に続けています。私は子供たちに対する緩慢な殺人行為も、一般で言う殺人行為も当然のことながら両方とも許すべきではないと考えますが、「原子力村の関与ばかりでなく反原発団体による隠蔽が疑われる」もんじゅ西村事件に関しては、残念ながら、これに真剣に取り組む警察も検察も市民団体も活動家もいません。(本当に真剣にやっていたら、民事裁判にしてしまった海渡雄一弁護士を問いただすのが筋なのに、誰もそれをしないのです。日弁連に聞いても回答拒否されました。http://koukaishitsumon.blogspot.jp/2014/03/to-jpn-bar-association.html)


私がツイートした外国の人に、「竹野内は嘘つきである」と英語でもいちいち妨害ツイートを飛ばしている妨害者@takuramix  (6月18日)

警察に訴えてやりたいやじ→  介護太郎 @tanoshiikaigo  ·  5 時間            



笊蕎麦に三杯酢@unkosoba Jul 2

よお!不謹慎BBA!! 人の不幸で飯は美味いか?  

わっZwei@wats4936 11分
これで停電しようものなら沖電と東電はフンダラララーとか言い出しかねんな… RT : 「台風大丈夫ですか?」とか一言もないわけ?冷血だなwww #デマリン



RingDong@akuby_Rat 18 時間
見るのもおぞましい。醜悪 早く病院へ行け!

S.B.O.G.@S_B_O_G 25 分


@rinana0412                  →竹野内を擁護する、私とは別の人物のアカウントを「竹野内がこのアカウントの主で自作自演である」とまったく虚偽の噂を流している。

Additional harassing tweet from @maibaba311 who calls herself evacuee mother and child from Fukushima.
She even said that she would sue me along with other people while I was under the criminal accusation and my old mother originally from Fukushima is very angry at @maibaba311!

Mai@maibaba311 7時間

@maibaba311: I cannot forgive Mari Takenouchi as much as TEPCO and the government.