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Open questions to Twitter Inc CEO Mr. Dick Costolo ツイッター社CEOへ不可思議なツイートの動きについて質問

Mr. Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter Inc.

ツイッター社CEOのDick Costolo様

Please excuse me for writing this open letter suddenly.


My name is Mari Takenouchi (my twitter account is @mariscontact), and I am a freelance journalist, translator, and a single mother with 4 year old boy.

I have been harassed by countless number of twitter users for more than 2 years for my activities calling for evacuation of Fukushima kids and pregnant women.


Quite sadly, the common points of these harassers are that they downplay the radiation effects in Fukushima and they harass those who worry about Fukushima kids.
Not only on twitter, in the summer of 2012, a strange man approached me and picked up my then 2 year old boy, and I screamed "I will call a police," and he ran away.

Recently, there are even people who disclosed the picture of my neighborhood 。 and who even identified my apartment , which is totally a threat for a single mother like me.


Though many people including me reported these harassers to twitter, these accounts are strangely surviving.  Though I reported the above 2 to the local police, it would take some time for investigation.


Would you please suspend the above two accounts ASAP, since the living of my son and I are being threatened?


Also, I would like to ask the following questions I have been wondering for a long time.

1. Since the fall of 2013, my twitter has been behaving quite strangely as follows.  Would you please check what has been the problem if there are any intruders into my twitter account.


1-a: My follower number gets constantly decreased during weekdays though the secrease gets stopped on the weekends.  Last week (July 21~27), the harasser Nii_Motoharu disclosed my neighborhood photo, and there were many RTs, but my followers were decreased in a constant line except weekends.  There is a strong doubt that some intruder is manipulating my twitter account.
1-a 私のフォロワー数は、営業日にはコンスタントに減り、週末には減少がストップすることがあります。先週(7月21日から27日)、@Nii_Motoharuが私の家の近所の写真をツイッターでアップし、たくさんのRTがなされましたが、私のフォロワー数は週末を除き、直線を描いて減らされていました。

1-b. Multiple number of my followers told me that they were automatically lifted from following my account @mariscontact or they cannot RT my tweets.
1-b 何人もの私のフォロワーが、知らない間に「@maiscontactへのフォローが外されていた」、又は、「@mariscontactのツイートをRTできない」と私に報告してくれました。
1-c My account @mariscontact is frequently automatically logged out. 
1-c 私のアカウントはしょっちゅう自動でログアウトされてしまいます。

2. There are many net harassers in Japan and maybe one of the most prominent ones is @ewa4618 with so many harassing tweets.  Though there are many people reporting this person, he has been surviving. 
On the other hand, @japanwings who has lost his ex-wife for leukemia and has been disseminating important information after Fukushima accident was permanently suspended in December 2013. 
In ewa4618's twilog, @japanwings is the No.1 subject of ewa4618's harassing tweets and I myself @mariscontact is the No. 2.  http://twilog.org/ewa4618 

(I am afraid my account@mariscontact could be suspended soon.)
Why @japanwings, who had been harassed by @ewa4618 got suspended and @ewa4618 is surviving?

Post Script

Someone wrote in the following that a Japanese company is collecting the IP addresses of Mari Takenouchi related tweet followers. 
Anybody who is well versed with technical issue, please let me know...
asyura2.com/14/genpatu36/m…(Japanese only)

私のツイのRT数が非常に少ないし、RTできないという声聞く。なぜか私関連のニュースのツイを拡散しているIPアドレスを収集していると言う株式会社アクト・ティとの関連を指摘している人がいるが、どうなのだろう?私はテクニカルに弱いのでどなたか、わかる方教えて下さい。 asyura2.com/14/genpatu36/m